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Durian fruit and dishes

After the brilliant summer turns to April, once again it’s time for nature to put on beautiful clothes for trees and colorful fruits everywhere. Juicy fruits such as Durian, Mangosteen, Rambutan and succulent Mango spread a sweet fragrance throughout the air. The little Durian tree in our elderly aunt’s garden showed off proudly. Since I had asked for some fruit trees from my elderly aunt in advance, she sent me a masseuse to come and pick some of the berries individually as they started to fall to the ground.

Durian fruit and dishes

When ripe separately, the fruit separates and opens from the front. Once this happens, it releases a wonderful sweet fragrance in the air. Some do not like this pungent aroma. Since I wanted the left two halves to be used later, I also chose two ripe halves. If you have reached the correct stage of nine, when entering there will be an empty sound that means the results are about to fall to the earth.

I had this fun idea to make a marshmallow pudding with a subtle durian flavor in every bite. First I added rose water with a mixture of dried cranberries, golden raisins and pieces of dried peaches to the bottom layer. The bottom layer has a very nice pinkish tint that makes cranberries and strawberries combine with the liquid. Then, I mixed the top layer with Durian cream, combined with cashews, almonds, pumpkin seeds and pistachios. Then I garnished the top layer with dried memory sticks and cranberries. Yes, it looks like heaven. Finally, I soaked the pudding in a basin of cold water for about 2 hours to set it.

For lunch, I make Deep Fried Durian (Devil) because I never throw durian seeds. After scraping off the flesh of the seeds, I steamed the seeds for a few minutes because if the durian seeds, when peeled, they crumble into powder. So it’s important to appeal to them. I cut the seeds into small pieces and incubated them with home-picked strawberries and red pepper (Nai miris). As a strange fruit, Durian tends to increase body heat, but its seeds have a cooling effect. According to our traditional method, Durian seed water soaked overnight helps to balance the increased body heat. I mainly brew Durian seeds because of the nutritional content of this seed.

By tea time, my marshmallow pudding is done. In addition to lice, my brother made a delicious hot drink with chocolate powder and coffee mixed with sweet condensed milk. I wasn’t too surprised to find that he combined Durian with his wonderful hot drink because those days he couldn’t even stand the pungent aroma of the exotic and complementary fruit. hey, but now he likes it.

I feel very proud of the familiarity and aspiration to be part of a historical human civilization that has been so steadfast and cavalier that has cared deeply for the hunger of the world’s population and it is proud as a flourishing agricultural country. Really Wishing an end to the current difficult and painful crisis soon.

Dishes made from durian

Durian fruit and dishesDurian fruit and dishes


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