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How to Make Grilled Rice Hotdog – Perfect dish for breakfast

This is a delicious and healthy hotdog (burger) made with rice. It can be a main meal or a snack. More convenient because it does not stick to your hands when eating.

How to Make Grilled Rice Hotdog

Ingredient :

1. 4 sausages
2. 2 bowls of cooked rice (each bowl 1/2 bowl of rice)
3. Cheese
4. Dried seaweed
5. Dipping sauce: 1 TBSP soy sauce, 2/3 TBSP Cooking wine (mirin), 2/3 TBSP corn syrup (honey)


Preheat your grill to 375°F.
A thin layer of freshly cooked white rice is spread over the cling film, topped with a piece of seaweed, cheese, and sausage.
Wrap tightly and mold the ingredients one by one to form 4 rice rolls.
Remove the cling film and bake each roll, turning gently until sides are crisp and lightly browned.
Serve hot and top with your favorite sauce.

How to Make Grilled Rice Hotdog

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