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How to make Peach Mousse Cake – Recipe

Today, I made a mousse with tender meat and juicy peaches. This cake has 3 very large peaches. Do you want to try this delicious mousse cake? I made a very soft mousse that retains the flavor, aroma and flesh of the peach, and the taste itself is amazing.

How to make Peach Mousse Cake


● Standard measuring cup
237 ml = 1 cup
15ml = 1Tbsp
5ml = 1 teaspoon
1 egg (without shell) 53g
Heavy cream (38% milk fat)
(Chocolate, powdered before sifting)

● Finished cake size (18cm * 18cm * 5cm / 18cm * 4.5cm * 5cm, 5 pieces)

● Peach Mousse
90g Grahams Cookies
8 g sugar
45g unsalted butter

1 yolk
35g sugar
85 g milk
a very small amount of vanilla extract

10g gelatin (10g powdered gelatin + 50g water)

30g pureed passion fruit
100g peach puree

230g heavy cream (60% whipped)

● Peach blossom tea jelly
Peach blossom tea
Hibiscus Tea (Raspberry, Strawberry Tea)
Hot water

120g Peach Blossom Tea
25g sugar
5ml lemon juice

5g gelatin (5g powdered gelatin + 25g water)

● Peach compote
700g peach pulp
160 g sugar
1 lemon
30ml peach liqueur (can substitute for white wine)
peach peel
peach seed

● Peach syrup jelly
285g peach syrup
55 g water
The amount of water is not fixed. Pour in not enough water to make 340g of peach syrup.)
(I added 55g.)
60 g sugar
15g gelatin (15g powdered gelatin + 75g water)

how to make peach mousse cake

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