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How to make raspberry cake

Today we’re using delicious raspberries. Let’s make a cheesecake that you can make without baking. It’s a no-bake recipe When the hot summer comes It will be a must-have dessert.

How to make raspberry cake

* Ingredient

(Cake 27cm * 5.5cm * 5cm)

♥ Make chrysanthemums for decoration
♥ Cheesecake
60g whole grain crackers (biscuits)
5g sugar 5
30g unsalted butter

230g cream cheese
60g pure yogurt
40g sugar 4
6g powdered gelatin
30g water
1/2 teaspoon lemon juice
230g fresh cream 2

♥ Raspberry jelly
30g water
6g powdered gelatin
60g pureed raspberries
25g sugar

♥ Transparent jelly (top part)
40g water
Lemon juice 3g
8g sugar
2g powdered gelatin
Very little raspberry puree (added instead of food coloring)

*There is more information in the video

How to make raspberry cake

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