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How to make mini chocolate cakes

Today I will show you how to make a delicious chocolate cake that you can eat 5 at a time. Made in a large mold, 36 small pieces of chocolate cake are made. You can eat about 5 pieces before giving it as a gift. This mini cake would be great for Valentine’s Day. It is also suitable for children’s birthday parties or other home parties.
Even if I leave it at room temperature, I can still enjoy it throughout the party.

How to make mini chocolate cakes


● Finished cake size (25cm *25cm *3.5cm (H))
(or 4cm*4cm*3.5(H),,,36 pieces)

● Dark chocolate ganache

230g couverture dark chocolate
230g fresh cream (or fresh cream)
40g unsalted butter
5ml rum (optional)

● Chocolate wafers
(Mold size: 25cm*25cm)

60g milk chocolate
75g milk
45g vegetable oil

6 yolks (105g)
45g sugar

90g baking powder
30g cocoa powder
1/2 teaspoon + 1/4 teaspoon baking powder

6 egg whites (210-220g)
85g sugar

● White chocolate ganache

370g white chocolate
165g fresh cream (or whipped cream)
3ml vanilla liqueur (optional)
(or 1/2 vanilla bean)

● Decorative chocolate (or mixed chocolate)
230g Milk chocolate (couverture)
65g Dark chocolate (couverture)
30 g vegetable oil

How to make mini chocolate cakes

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