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How to Make Fruit Waffle Rolls

Today I made Dojima fruit soufflé rolls. soufflé made of cooked dough. It is very soft and smooth. The combination of milk and fruit-flavored ice cream is also very delicious. Fruit rolls are a delicious and creative twist on traditional cinnamon rolls. Here is a simple recipe to make them.

How to Make Fruit Waffle Rolls

● Dojima Soufflé Rolls

(Mold size 25cm*25cm)

80g baking powder

3 yolks (54g)
1 egg

50g milk (A)
50g unsalted butter

5ml vanilla extract (1tsp)
20g milk (B)

3 egg whites (105 g)
80g sugar

● Milk cream
150g heavy cream (2/3 cup)
15g sweetened condensed milk (1 tablespoon)
7g sugar

● Syrup
30g water
20g sugar
A little liqueur (optional) – kirsch, rum

How to Make Fruit Waffle Rolls

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